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    EMILY BRAIDWOOD - Sophisticated insoles designed & trusted by health professionals.

    • Smart engineering universally covers all foot types, activities (even barre class), shoe styles and relief of common causes of foot pain.
    • Emily Braidwood insoles are removable, reusable & skin-stickable

    Emily Braidwood HEELS insoles for heels over >4cm

    The science identifies that a heeled shoe is any height over 4cm - because that’s the height the research identifies the foot mechanics change, independent of flat foot position. We created our EB HEELS insoles with a low arch contour and without a heel donut - because all the magic is on the outside insole.

    Emily Braidwood FLATS insoles for flat shoes & heels under <4cm

    We researched then tested the sweet spot of arch height for comfort, fit and feel in flat shoes, while preventing heel slippage. We made sure our arch was the most comfortable on the market. We then added a heel donut, because ain’t nobody got time for heel pain.

    2 products
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