Fiume Chiropody Sponge

Fiume Chiropody Sponge.

Fiume Chiropody Sponge

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Fiume Chiropody Sponge - washes corns & callouses away. 

The Fiume Chiropody Sponge is made out of sand - a natural approach to smooth and blemish free feet.  

With one gentle treatment, the Fiume Chiropody Sponge removes painful corns, rough skin and ugly callouses.  Regular use of the Fiume Chiropody Sponge will assist with keeping rough and calloused skin at bay and will keep your feet feeling smooth. Keep Fiume in the shower and make it part of your regular routine of 'looking after your feet'.

Fiume will also care for hands by removing callouses and stains (tabacco, ink, paint, tar etc) and may be used to remove rough skin from elbows or knees, just make sure to follow the instructions below.


1. Place the sponge into warm water

2. Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes

3. Rub the sponge a few times against a piece of soap (any good quality soap will do).

4. Then rub the sponge gently against the corn, callous or dry skin.  (It is essential that soap be rubbed into the sponge before use).  

After treating a corn, a tiny dimple may remain.  Try to remove this painful dimple with the same rubbing action, using the corner of the sponge until it disappears. 


Made in the Netherlands.


How long before I see signs of improvement?

You will notice an improvement in the appearance of your feet immediately.   

How long does The Fiume Chiropody Sponge last?

The Fiume Chiropody Sponge will keep indefinitely under normal conditions.  It will last for months even with regular use.   

To maintain the efficiency of the rubbing action when the corners of the sponge become rounded and the surface uneven, rub the sponge a few times against a hard, abrasive, flat surface (such as tile, concrete or emery paper) until the surface is flat and the corners square again.  The Fiume Chiropody Sponge works best when the surface is smooth and even. 


Diabetics or individuals with poor circulation should consult their Doctor or Podiatrist before using the Fiume Chiropody Sponge.

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