Our Best Diabetic Foot Creams

Diabetic Foot Creams

For individuals living with diabetes, proper foot care is essential to prevent complications and maintain overall health. Diabetes can lead to nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the feet, making them more susceptible to injuries, infections, and slow-healing wounds. Diabetic foot creams are specially formulated to address the unique needs of diabetic feet, providing nourishment, moisture, and protection to keep them healthy and free from potential problems. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of diabetic foot creams and highlight their benefits in promoting optimal foot care for those living with diabetes.

Our Best Diabetic Foot Creams

Callusan Diabetic Foot Cream Mousse is a specially formulated mousse designed to provide gentle and effective foot care for individuals with diabetes. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this mousse helps moisturize and protect diabetic feet, keeping them healthy and comfortable. Say goodbye to dryness and embrace the soothing benefits of Callusan Diabetic Foot Mousse for your foot care routine. Callusan FORTE is dermatologically tested and does not contain any fragrances or preservatives.  


GEHWOL Blue is a trusted foot care solution, offering effective prevention of foot odor and itching between the toes. Enriched with skin-friendly ingredients like lanolin, moisturizing aloe vera, and urea, this cream nourishes dry and rough skin on the feet, restoring its elasticity, suppleness, and smoothness. Importantly, GEHWOL Blue is safe for use by diabetics, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive diabetic foot care.

Enovia Foot Moisturising Cream

This essential care for dry, rough or cracked feet restores mechanical properties of severely dry skin. Enovia Moisturising Foot Therapy Cream is a product with unique moisturizing and nourishing effects. It contains 19 ingredients that work in synergy to moisturize, nourish and break down hardened, callused skin and help with the repair of cracks. The cream can also be applied to dry elbows, fingertips and knees with great results. It is suitable for those with diabetes and the elderly.

Moisturisation and Skin Health

Diabetes can cause dry and cracked skin, making the feet vulnerable to infections and ulcers. Diabetic foot creams are enriched with ingredients that provide intense moisturization, helping to soften the skin and maintain its natural barrier function. Regular application of these creams helps prevent dryness and reduces the risk of skin complications, fostering healthy skin on the feet.

Nourishment and Sensory Protection

Due to diabetic neuropathy, individuals with diabetes may experience reduced sensitivity in their feet, leading to a lack of awareness of potential injuries or pressure points. Diabetic foot creams are designed to nourish and protect the skin, providing an additional layer of care for the feet. 

Prevention of Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Diabetic foot creams often include antimicrobial agents that help prevent fungal and bacterial infections. These creams create a protective barrier, reducing the risk of infections, which can be particularly problematic for individuals with diabetes due to compromised immune systems.


Diabetic foot creams are a valuable component of foot care for individuals living with diabetes. With their unique formulation catering to the specific needs of diabetic feet, these creams offer moisturisation, nourishment, and protection to maintain optimal foot health. Daily use of diabetic foot creams can significantly reduce the risk of complications and enhance the overall well-being of those living with diabetes. As with any diabetic foot care regimen, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to select the most suitable foot cream for individual needs. Embrace the benefits of diabetic foot creams to ensure your feet stay healthy and well-cared-for, allowing you to lead an active and fulfilling life despite diabetes.

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