How To Fix Corns

How To Fix Corns

Patients often present complaining of sore corns. Corns are a very common foot problem and the good news is that they can be easily removed by a podiatrist. Now for the bad news. Unfortunately that whilst corns can be easily treated it is no so easy to stop them from coming back.

The problem is that corns form in response to pressure, That pressure can result from a number of factors such as the way we walk, from joint changes associated with aging or they can be caused by footwear. Any time the skin takes too much pressure it basically doesn’t like it very much and so lays down more skin to try and protect itself. This process eventually leads to the formation of a corn.

Therefore the best way to prevent corns from coming back is to reduce pressure on the skin where the corn is forming. This can be done in a number of ways it may involve changing your footwear or by providing pressure relief.

At the FootCare Shop we stock a range of Therastep gel toe covers ang gel toe toe separators to  help reduce pressure under the toes.

We also have Corn Pads made from quality wool felt which are great for relieving pain from corns.

  If you are need pressure relief for corns under the feet then the following products below are excellent for reducing pressure on sore corns under the feet.



We also have many more products to help with corns and callous which you can check out at The FootCare Shop.

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