How To Prevent and Provide The Best Treatment for Chilblains

With winter fast approaching it's time to start thinking about chilblain prevention and treatment. As such we have put together some useful tips to help you get through through the winter months.

There are ways to help stop or reduce the severity of chilblains, these include:

 Avoid exposure to the cold.

Wear warm natural fibre socks such as wool or bamboo.

Wear warm enclosed footwear during the winter months.

Ensure feet are dried well after bathing or showering.

Always immediately change your footwear or socks if they get wet.


What is the best treatment for chilblains?

Wear warm thick socks ideally made from a natural fibre such as wool or bamboo. Wear socks at all times even whilst in bed. We recommend the use of Lightfeet bamboo socks or silver socks.

Wearing footwear which will protect your feet from the cold e.g., runners or any enclosed toe shoe. 

Ensuring that during showering or bathing the water is not boiling hot or freezing cold. 

Movement – continue to move whilst working or relaxing at home as it is imperative to keep the blood flowing to the feet.

Use of Chilblain cream. At the FootCare Shop we recommend daily use of Akilwinter chilblain cream. We love this cream as it helps to fight skin damage from cold weather and humidity on the feet and also moisturises and helps to sooth itchy dry skin due to cold weather.

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