Our Best Creams to Treat Dry and Cracked Heels

There are many factors which can result dry and cracked heels and unfortunately that whilst there is no quick fix there are many things you can do which if done regularly will help get your feet feeling soft and smooth again. Some of these include:

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes and psoriasis
  • Wearing hard, unsupportive footwear like thongs and open-backed sandals, or bare feet
  • Poor functioning or flat feet which can result in increased pressure on the heels.
  • Taking hot, prolonged showers
  • Increased weight resulting in increased pressure on the heels.
  • Fungal infections which can dry out the skin resulting in cracked and dry skin.

The most effective way to treat cracked heels is daily moisturising with a urea based moisturiser or high quality foot cream. Regular use of a pumice stone will also help reduce dry skin.

At The FootCare Shop we stock a range of the best podiatrist recommended creams to get your heels feeling smooth and moisturised. Some of our most loved creams include the following:



WALKERS UREA 25                    GEHWOL BLUE               AKILEINE BLUE


Of course as always if you notice that you have cracked bleeding heels make sure you put an antiseptic (for example, Betadine) on them and cover them with a bandage and seek advice from your podiatrist immediately.


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